Exhibitions at the British Schools Museum

16 February – 3 July 2016

Life in Miniature

Step into a world of your own and be surrounded by your life in miniature.

Discover what miniatures and models mean to the people who made them, played with them and preserved them for the future.

Stroll around a mini Hitchin market, take a trip to the theatre, or put your feet up in a charming dolls house. The exhibition will also include unique displays created by local community groups as part of the project Your Fantasy Room.

Step inside and make yourself at home.

16 February – 27 November 2016

Hitchin Then and Now

Discover how the town of Hitchin has changed over time. Historic photographs from the museum's archive will be displayed alongside new images of the town we know today.

From historic maps discover how the town has spread and changed, or in many ways stood the test of time.