Exhibitions at the British Schools Museum

Until 25th November in our Exhibition Room:-

A School at War

We mark the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War with the extraordinary story of 68 former pupils of the school who lost their lives in the 'war to end all wars'. Set within the global context of the First World War, this ambitious exhibition will show how this terrible conflict affected the British Schools and the town of Hitchin.

What people have been saying about the exhibition:-

'An amazing exhibition. Fascinating and poignant.'

'A very interesting and moving exhibition.'

Quite superb exhibition.'

Until 25th November in the Monitorial Schoolroom:-

See the Faces - Hear the Voices

Amulti-media, interactive exhibition aimed at all the family. This exhibition, on display from 26th July until the end of November 2014 will be set in the unique Grade II* listed Monitorial School Room at the British Schools Museum in Hitchin.

This exhibition not only brings to life the memories of those who attended the school but will take you back to your own school days and give you the opportunity to reminisce through interaction and story-telling.

Hear from former pupils, including some who still volunteer at the museum, about their recollections of teachers both fierce and friendly, the ‘school run’, school dinners and playground games. Learn about school life over a span of over 100 years through objects, photographs, audio and quotes.

Come along, share your experiences of your school days in our ‘School’s IN’ project and not only see but hear, first hand, what it was like to be a student and teacher at the Hitchin British Schools. 


Toys for 'Boys' 

In our display corridor there's a chance to relive your youth with a display of some of the most iconic toys of the C20th. We've provocatively called it Toys for Boys, but we'd love to hear from you about what you played with, whether toys should be gender-specific and whether this still an issue today.