Exhibitions at the British Schools Museum

21st July - 24th November 2015

(nb. closed between 15th & 23rd August during our Dr Who Exhibition)

100 Years of Ladybird

We will be celebrating 100 years of Ladybird books with an exhibition about these colourful classics.

Ladybird books have played a role in many people lives whether as children, parents, grandparents or teachers. These affordable, pocket sized books covered all topics from fairy tales to farms, and from toys to transport. The beautiful illustrations and well told stories have fixed in reader’s minds and today conjure up memories from all ages.

With over 200 Ladybird books in the museum’s collection you can explore a range of titles including Bunnikin’s Picnic Party, What to Look for in Summer, and the iconic Key Words Reading Scheme.


Up for the Cup (17 Feb - 24 Nov) 

In our display corridor there's a chance to discover the remarkable sporting heritage of the Hitchin British Schools and of the early days of the Wilshere-Dacre School.